Seeing that you have made it this far, it is fair to assume that you consider inclusive teaching to be important. That being the case, you probably aren’t deliberately, or consciously biased in your teaching. Hopefully this site will be a useful resource in helping teachers from around the world reflect on their practices, address their unconscious biases, and share their experiences whilst collaborating to make the world of the physical sciences more gender equitable.

This website is a product of the 2017 Gender Inclusive Teaching Working Group. This is a working group initiated by CERN’s Diversity Office in the framework of the CERN High School Teacher Programme, taking place at CERN for the third consecutive year.

The 2017 working group involved six teachers from around the world working with CERN’s Diversity Office to build upon the work of previous working groups and to produce resources which could be used by teachers around the world to promote gender inclusive teaching and work towards gender equity in the physical sciences. Some information about the 2016 Working Group can be found here.

The Participants of the 2017 Gender Inclusive Teaching Working Group are:

David Fairweather (UK) Teacher of Physics and Astronomy at Aiglon College, an international boarding school in Switzerland.

Diana Olivos Suárez  (Colombia) Currently working as physics teacher and head of science department at The Victoria School  and for the international baccalaureate (IBO) as an examiner and workshop leader.

Esther Kers-Cappon  (The Netherlands)  She teaches physics and chemistry at Arcuscollege Vavo (second chance high school) examination classes.
She has been working as a chemical engineer at different companies and governments before starting an educational professy. EKers@arcuscollege.nl.

Niharika  Kulshresth (India) Teaching at The Scindia School, Gwalior. nkul2008@gmail.com

Viviane Alves (Brazil) Currently teaching at the Swiss School of Sao Paulo. vivianemalves@uol.com.br

Yester Ozmerinoglu (Turkey) Teaching at Getronagan Armenian High School in Istanbul.